Healthy life style

By healthy lifestyle we understand those habits in our daily lives that help us stay healthier and with fewer functional limitations. To lead a healthier life we must focus mainly on two aspects: our diet and physical exercise.

The diet:

What do we call a healthy diet?

It is one that covers our vital needs without the use of foods that can be harmful to our body.

A healthy diet should have the following characteristics:

Twice a week it is advisable to eat blue fish.
Use red meat (beef) in a restricted manner, with chicken, rabbit or turkey being preferable. In general, we eat more meat than recommended.
Reduce animal proteins in favor of cereals and starches. Cereals are rich in iron, calcium, folic acid and vitamins. It is scientifically proven, according to the American Cancer Association, that basing a diet on a wide variety of plant foods reduces the risk of serious chronic diseases.
Starches and flours must be whole grains; when refining them, the shell is removed, which is precisely the place that contains vitamins and nutrients.
Use olive oil in a limited quantity (the equivalent of one tablespoon per day), the foods themselves already contain fat.
Avoid cooking foods with oil (fried or battered), steam, oven or grill cooking being preferable.
Avoid pre-cooked food.
Include five daily servings of fruits and vegetables.
The daily consumption of cereals and starches.