Dairy free.

For this Christmas we bring you a delicious preparation that you can easily make if you dislike dairy products or if you do not consume them due to your convictions. The dairy-free version of arequipe made with dates is deli and you will want to consume it with practically everything.

‚ÄĘ250g of dates FRUITS AND SEEDS
‚ÄĘ1 cup of MILS coconut drink


Soak the dates in warm water for at least 5 hours so that they soften and when blending, all their flavor is better extracted.
Then, once the soaking time is up, pour it into the blender or processor and add the cup of coconut drink,
Blend or process for at least 3 minutes, until you see a uniform consistency. If you want to avoid the natural fibers of the date in your final preparation, filter with a silk or fine strainer.
Finally, pour into a non-stick pot, and place over low heat, stirring constantly until the drink begins to evaporate a little and takes on a thicker consistency. Look for the texture you want in the cooking and turn off the heat.
With only 2 ingredients and that easy to prepare, you will love it forever.